alternative with the replacement of polyethylene microbeads.


Plastic microspheres are the tiny plastic particles that some cosmetic products contain, such as toothpastes, shower gels or scrubs, which include them because of their abrasive capacity. Microplastics are a theoretically small part of the problem of contamination by plastics, but their impact is especially serious because they are used in products whose waste goes down [...]

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cosmetic raw ingredients


Raw Materials Skin is a natural exfoliating plant material with different grain options used for body and face, fine grain soft enough for the face, strong enough for the body. The white walnut tagua ground and high purity natural is a product of excellent quality is used to unclog the pores, and the removal of [...]

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The Scrub-tagua component combines an eco-responsible natural alternative with the replacement of polyethylene microbeads. The small plastic beads end their career in nature and more in the oceans. A subtle and catastrophic pollution. 100% renewable and also excellent biodegradability, Scrub tagua is safe for the environment. 100% Organic Eco-responsible, Tagua Microbeads are natural from plant [...]


microbeads alternatives


This prohibition must be seen by brands as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition, achieving the desired added value of being "eco-friendly". For sure, all the brands of comésticos are already investigating a replacement for this harmful component of their products. Innovation and creativity will prevail in this task of the R & [...]

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microbeads organic tagua, alternative to microbeads plastics


Microspheres or microparticles (microbeads) are a subgroup within the group of microplastics. They are granules of very small size, between 0.1 micrometers (μm) to 5 millimeters (mm), round or irregular in shape, the purpose of which is to abrasive effect . These are widely used in cleaning products personal and beauty, making up to 10% [...]

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Cosmetic microspheres that pollute the seas


Microspheres are tiny pieces of plastic that are added to some cosmetics, such as exfoliating creams, shower gels and some toothpastes, because of their abrasive properties. They help eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin, which looks fresh and shiny after use. They are so small and slippery that they have become an [...]

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microplastics damage ecosystems


The consumption of plastic generates annual environmental costs of 75 billion dollars as a result of marine and air pollution from the incineration of this material, according to the report 'Valuing plastic', contained in the yearbook. Although most of the financial costs of using plastic are derived from the damage caused by the greenhouse gases [...]

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