phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder

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Phytelephas aequatorilis powder is a perfect product that grow day a day  for global consume, its a exclusive eco-friendly raw material, if the world stop the use of microbeads plastics, in all the personal care products, we help us and care the ocean and marine life. Under a process natural, we get the more particles [...]

Personal care microbeads of plastics are found in sea fish

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In a study by Japanese researchers, plastic microbeads similar to those found in facial cleansers were found in fish for human consumption, the sizes in microns were from 100 mesh to 800 mesh. Scientists confirm that microbeads are throughout the marine system, this also exposes humans in a very dangerous way. Microplastics are obtained using [...]

Phytelephas Aequatorialis Powder Manufacturer

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Sosa Export is the manufacturer of tagua powder, which has been working since 2014. In this year, thanks to our strategic partner in the US, we have been developing the tagua market, in the cosmetics industry we are still working to improve the fineness of our product, in which procedures outside chemicals are used to [...]

What alternative to microparticles exist?

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Natural vegetable pearls Conventional scrubs with mechanical abrasive bodies often contain plastic particles, salt crystals or plastic particles that can damage the epidermis and thus destroy the skin's protective barrier. The consequence is that the skin responds with a stronger cornification, which is just the opposite of the desired effect. Tagua pearls have a rolling [...]

Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder

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The tagua is processed in a natural way, it does not contain any chemical in the process of obtaining the powder, since the peeling of the powder, it is carried out without the use of additives, this process is 100% ecological, it is the difference of the powder that We manufacture, we have the experience [...]

Environmentally friendly alternatives to microplastics for cosmetics

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One of the main environmental problems is the presence of microplastics from cosmetic products in natural environments such as marine. The German institute Fraunhofer investigates new alternatives to microplastics, environmentally friendly, for this type of applications. 01/15/2018 Despite their environmental impact, microplastics are still used in personal care and cosmetic products. In this sense, tiny [...]


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#Tagua, also known as vegetable ivory because of its color and hardness, is the seed of the Phitelephas Aequatorialis palm tree present in the Amazon and subtropical forests of Latin America. The pieces of Amazonaviva are unique, as only is each seed. The jewels are pieces are exclusive, each one different as different are the [...]

microbeads tagua

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the microbeads are everywhere, they are so tiny that it becomes very difficult to filter in the industrial purifications of water, these microbeads are present in lotions, soaps and our toothpastes. Currently is working for the replacement of plastic beads, due to the damage they do to the environment. Among the natural alternatives we [...]

Tagua nut

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Tagua is a seed that comes from the palm of the tagua (Phytelephas Aequatorialis) in Ecuador. The female palm pools long, curvy fruits that each contain many seeds about the size of a chicken egg. The immature seeds are gelatinous and edible. These are the ivory nut, very hard and in the colors white or [...]


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The Scrub-tagua component combines an eco-responsible natural alternative with the replacement of polyethylene microbeads. The small plastic beads end their career in nature and more in the oceans. A subtle and catastrophic pollution. 100% renewable and also excellent biodegradability, Scrub tagua is safe for the environment. 100% Organic Eco-responsible, Tagua Microbeads are natural from plant [...]