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Ces microbilles entièrement naturelles pourraient remplacer vos gommages en plastique pour le visage.

By | 2018-12-20T23:15:50+00:00 diciembre 20th, 2018|noix de tagua|

Lorsque vous vous lavez le visage ou le corps, pensez à la pollution qui affecte le monde, en particulier les rivières et les océans. Actuellement, les gels exfoliants pour le visage et le corps utilisent des microbilles de plastique, ce qui endommage gravement l'écosystème … Puisqu'ils peuvent causer de graves dommages à la vie marine, [...]

These all-natural microbeads could replace your plastic facial scrubs

By | 2018-12-20T23:16:17+00:00 diciembre 20th, 2018|replace the microbeads|

When you wash your face or body think about the pollution that is causing in the world especially the rivers and oceans. Currently the gels exfoliating face and body, use plastic microbeads, this is causing serious damage to the ecosystem … Since they can cause serious damage to marine life they can cause the death [...]

Quand on dit que l’on peut remplacer les microbilles … on peut le faire …

By | 2018-12-20T21:52:39+00:00 diciembre 10th, 2018|tagua poudre pour cosmétiques exfoliants|

Sosa-Export Offre un ingrédient brut cosmétique écologique, largement utilisé dans les formulations d’exfoliation, les savons et les exfoliants. Ces ingrédients naturels sont obtenus de manière durable et constituent une excellente alternative aux microbilles de plastique. Phytelephas aequatorialis ou Tagua est un exfoliant complètement blanc, utilisé pour les formulations cosmétiques et exfoliantes. Les granulés de tagua [...]

When we say we can replace the microbeads … We can do it …

By | 2018-12-20T21:53:25+00:00 octubre 23rd, 2018|corozo powder, cosmetic raw ingredients, cosmetic raw materials, replace the microbeads|

  Sosa-Export Offers an ecological cosmetic raw ingredient, widely used in exfoliation formulations, soaps and exfoliants. These natural ingredients are obtained in a sustainable way and are excellent alternatives to plastic microbeads. Phytelephas aequatorialis or Tagua is a completely white exfoliant, used for cosmetic and exfoliating formulations. Tagua granules are an excellent replacement for microbeads. [...]

They create biodegradable vegetable particles to replace the microplastics that pollute the oceans

By | 2018-12-20T21:55:22+00:00 octubre 18th, 2018|Uncategorized|

A can of gel can contain up to 330,000 plastic microparticles that end irremediably in the water and the casings of the fish. Finally there is an alternative to its use. The soap with which the world washes its face, the detergent with which it washes clothes or toothpaste are also a danger to the [...]

Microplastic in tap water from around the world…

By | 2018-12-20T21:54:17+00:00 octubre 18th, 2018|corozo powder, cosmetic raw ingredients, cosmetic raw materials, scrub natural, tagua microbeads, vegetable ivory jewelry, vegetable jewellery, vegetable jewellery making, タグア|

A recent investigation has proven that up to 83% of the samples recognized worldwide are contaminated with plastic fibers. United States in the lead The study has been carried out by employees of the School of Public Health of the University of Minnesota (United States) along with the Orb Media organization in more than a [...]

some countries prohibit microplastics…

By | 2018-12-20T21:51:59+00:00 agosto 9th, 2018|scrub natural|

In recent months there has been much talk about the pollution of plastic in seas and oceans. However, microplastics, small microscopic fragments of plastics that are difficult to biodegrade, are becoming more news stories that affect not only the fauna and flora of marine environments, but can also be found in the trophic chain of [...]

scrubs replace plastic microbeads

By | 2018-03-13T22:08:26+00:00 marzo 13th, 2018|scrub natural|

The microspheres in beauty products may seem like a dream come true for your skin, since these small, smooth pearls (found in bath gels, toothpastes, facial washes and body scrubs) seem to offer a level of exfoliation that only a dermatologist can. But this has a great impact on the environment plastic microbeads, can be [...]

United Kingdom prohibits the use of microplastics

By | 2018-03-05T22:10:11+00:00 marzo 5th, 2018|Uncategorized|

The United Kingdom has taken an important step in the fight against the contamination of marine ecosystems by prohibiting the use of toxic microplastics in the production of cosmetics and personal care products. The measure, which entered into force in January of this year, will be completed with a ban on the marketing of these [...]

Finding Alternatives to Synthetic Exfoliating Beads

By | 2018-03-05T21:37:55+00:00 febrero 23rd, 2018|Tagua White Scrube|

They are small, colorful and harmless in appearance, but these little pearls have been blamed for causing great problems in the oceans and seas of the world. The objects in question are microbeads or plastic microspheres and the United Kingdom has just banned the manufacture of personal care products that contain them. What are these [...]