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Tagua powder


Tagua Nut Powder is a scrub INCI: Phytelephas Aequatorialis Powder The remplacement perfect, for microbeads plastics, have led consumers materials sustainable naturals biodegradable eco friendly cosmetic that uses natural ingredients. Tagua nut Powder is a natural, is an excellent choice to use as an ingredient for body care and cosmetic purposes. Our product of Tagua [...]

Tagua powder2022-06-25T16:05:21-05:00

corozo 科罗佐 批发商


corozo 科罗佐 批发商 Corozo是一种100%的天然产品,其稠度类似于硬树脂。 它也被称为tagua,它通常被称为“蔬菜象牙”。 在微观层面,corozo由非常紧密缠绕的有机纤维组成,赋予其优异的耐久性和耐刮擦性。 它的多孔性使得颜色深入到表面,使其成为染色的优秀材料。 Corozo以其优雅的天然谷物而闻名。 一个独特的模式,就像一个指纹,确保没有两个按钮是完全一样的。 请点击这里了解更多信息。 我们有最好的质量和价格写我们不要犹豫  

corozo 科罗佐 批发商2022-06-25T17:56:48-05:00

Tagua Natural White Exfoliant


Currently in the polluted world in which we live, we are helping to change it by using biodefinable natural alternatives, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant, It´s an alternative that is giving excellent results that is why we offer the base of microbeads in tagua for the use of scrub for new exfoliants. Why should we stop [...]

Tagua Natural White Exfoliant2018-01-19T22:54:12-05:00

vegetable jewellery


tagua vegetable jewelery is not only beautiful, colorful, resistant and unique, it follows a manufacturing process that takes time. The seed is contained in a fruit that carries several seeds. Each seed is covered by a thin brown skin and then by a hard shell. Once dry, it is cleaned and polished to obtain shine. [...]

vegetable jewellery2018-01-17T21:59:28-05:00

tagua nut jewelry


tagua nut jewelry is made with a hand with the minimum incidence of machinery, making it a unique and exclusive jewel, the noble material of the label, is an exclusive material of the equator, since it can be obtained on the coast and the area tropical wet, if you need to buy material for production [...]

tagua nut jewelry2018-01-17T21:59:37-05:00

vegetable ivory jewelry


Tagua, also known as vegetable ivory because of its color and hardness, is the seed of the Phitelephas Aequatorialis palm tree present in Ecuador and in its subtropical forests We can sell the seed for the elaboration of pieces for the manufacture of jewelry, the imagination in the people who make them is unique, as [...]

vegetable ivory jewelry2018-01-17T21:23:40-05:00

tagua nut buttons


Tagua, also known as ivory nut or vegetable ivory, is the seed of the Phytelephas macrocarpa palm, which grows in the tropical humid forests of the Pacific region, especially in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. tagua nut buttons is used for the manufacture of buttons, this being the main export item of Ecuador. There are many [...]

tagua nut buttons2018-01-12T15:47:46-05:00

tagua nut wholesale


Tagua nut wholesale, also known as ivory nut or vegetable ivory, is the seed of the Phytelephas macrocarpa palm, Corozo nut, which grows in the tropical humid forests of the Pacific region, especially in  Ecuador. The tagua is chosen one by one according to the quality dimensions, there are different types of white tagua, light [...]

tagua nut wholesale2023-06-02T16:03:53-05:00

tagua slices wholesale


the slices of tagua are cut according to the client's need in different millimitres, the same ones that are used for laser type cuts, engravings, painted for jewelry, guitar picks, etc. the slices can have different thicknesses according to the consumer's need. These slices should be selected, as many come out with cracks because the [...]

tagua slices wholesale2018-01-12T15:15:40-05:00
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