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Natural cosmetics has emerged as a new development phenomenon and is identified in practice for eco-responsible production, based on these two trends that require environmental care and chemical-free personal care, the Sosa Export company encourages the production of tagua nut powder under an environmental concept.

Being 100% biodegradable, the organic ingredient dissolves in the water without affecting marine life, in a society that is increasingly aware of the preservation of the environment and sustainable development, we are a raw material production option that respects the environment throughout its entire life. process.

Natural products have entered the market with force, day by day there are more consumers who are attracted to these products, cosmetics increasingly try to monopolize ethical trade in favor of the environment, the production of our raw material complies with a sustainable role.

We have experience in the harvest of tagua, crops, care in the drying process, with the aim of having a competitive price and the best quality, our excellent infrastructure allows us to work with professionals who collaborate so that all development is possible and is Comply with each of the aforementioned standards.

We continue with our research, our department of scientists analyzes products derived from tagua, in order to help the cosmetic industry and constantly improve our production. With the creation of the new company Innovatagua, a high-quality derivative will be launched

Our company with vision and leadership capacity has adapted to new business models in order to work for a more sustainable future, based on the efficiency of natural resources and the development of eco-responsible innovation.

We hope to innovate very soon

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