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What do you know about the us?



We are a company that cares about the environment, we firmly believe in the natural, non-polluting and organic products demanded by today’s globalized world.

We carry out production processes, convinced firmly with the commitment of high quality and fulfillment, through the years we understood the  exigency of the international market, we try to adapt ourselves to the development of new products through the efficiency in processes of investigation, Innovation and Development …

We have experience in the harvest of tagua, crops, care in the drying process, with the aim of having a competitive price and the best quality We have an excellent infrastructure support for the process of our products, we also have professional staff, who collaborate so that our process complies with quality standards, without neglecting the safety of its people and the natural development of the environment.

We are currently committed to the community, so we have people from the region who collaborate in the collection of raw materials, in addition the people who depend on these works benefit from our project.

Our purpose is to provide a pleasant environment helping to take care of the same, with natural biodegradable products, to have a more pleasant planet.

We are open to researching new products and processes of industrialization to cooperate in new business ideas…

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