Tagua Natural White Exfoliant

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Sosa Export through its innovatagua is exporting some countries of the world tagua natural powder, due to the need to replace the plastic accounts, we are currently in a process of improvement of measures and quality which has allowed us to enter with the particle size Perfect to USA and Europe. We have five years [...]

What are microplastics and where do they come from?

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Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic material whose size is usually less than 5 millimeters. They can be divided into two categories:Primary microplastics Small particles thrown directly into the environmentIt is estimated that they represent between 15% and 31% of microplastics in the oceans35% of primary microplastics come from washing synthetic clothesAbrasion of tires in [...]

Cosmetics use plastics and pollute

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The soap with which you wash your face, the detergent with which you wash your clothes or your toothpaste are also a danger to the environment. By using these products, the plastic microparticles that compose them end up in the oceans and pollute them as much as any bottle, tetrabrick or plastic bag. Every time [...]

Vegetable Naturbeads

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Plastic microbeads were banned in shower gels and toothpaste in the United Kingdom last year, but they could still be hidden in your sunscreen or lipstick. Now, the start up Naturbeads, in collaboration with the University of Bath, is working with several companies to replace the microplastics present in these products with biodegradable microbeads of [...]

Environmentally friendly alternatives to microplastics for cosmetics

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One of the main environmental problems is the presence of microplastics from cosmetic products in natural environments such as marine. The German institute Fraunhofer investigates new alternatives to microplastics, environmentally friendly, for this type of applications. 01/15/2018 Despite their environmental impact, microplastics are still used in personal care and cosmetic products. In this sense, tiny [...]

Tagua Natural White Exfoliant

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Currently in the polluted world in which we live, we are helping to change it by using biodefinable natural alternatives, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant, It´s an alternative that is giving excellent results that is why we offer the base of microbeads in tagua for the use of scrub for new exfoliants. Why should we stop [...]