Natural scrub for the cosmetics industry, The personal care industry has seen a growing trend towards deep cleansing of the skin with biodegradable materials.

In this time environmental and health awareness has led to massive changes due to legal restrictions, from some countries to exfoliating pearls made of plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane.

Thousands of tons of plastics almost invisible to the human eye, used in traditional cosmetics are being washed into our waters and pollute our ecosystems.

On the other hand, the demand to replace harmful plastic beads with natural scrub for cosmetics became stronger and more urgent.

Innovatagua offer INCI: PHYTELEPHAS AEQUATORIALIS SEED POWDER. derived from renewable sources, natural micro-pearls can be customized in size using advanced micronization methods.

Our granules and powders are absolutely pure, natural and free of additives, years of now-how and experience guarantee a reliable and continuous quality.

Ask for a wide range of grain sizes (micron ranges) and we tailor the size and texture of our biodegradable microbeads to your demand.

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