Why is tagua powder an eco-friendly alternative for cosmetics?

Exfoliating tagua powder, also known as vegetable ivory, it is a natural product of the nuts of the taguals. This powder has a series of benefits for cosmetics and the environment that make it an excellent option as a sustainable alternative to other materials. Below are some of its most notable benefits:


1. Sustainability: Exfolianting tagua powder  is sustainably extracted from the nuts of the tagua palm, without causing harm to the palms or the ecosystem in which they are found. This makes it an environmentally friendly option. The exfoliating tagua powder is best possibility

2. Biodegradable material: Unlike other materials such as plastic. Exfolianting tagua powder is completely biodegradable. This means that when discarded, it decomposes naturally without leaving toxic residue or causing pollution.

3. Strength and durability: Tagua is especially beneficial as an exfoliant due to its texture and natural properties. When applied to the skin, has a gentle but highly effective effect to eliminate dead cells and deeply cleanse the skin. The fine, soft texture of tagua powder allows you to exfoliate the skin without causing irritation or damage.