Our Tagua nut Powder Seed Exfoliant, is a seed  that grows  wildly in the Ecuadorian  rainforest, in the cosmetic world the name is INCI: Phytelephas aequatorilis Seed Powder, this ingredient for formulation cosmetics has organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and sustainability, it´s a replacement for plastic microbeads.

Our tagua powder product is absolutely pure with chemical and additive free processes.

With the latest technology in production processes and experience in what we do, an extraordinary team of people specialized in each area, their experience and knowledge make our quality safe and reliable.

For this reason,  offer a wide range of grain sizes, (microns/mesh), and according to our clients requirements, we adapt to the size and texture that our clients needed.

We manufacture «Tagua Natural White Exfoliant» «Poudre de graine de palmier a ivoire», «gommage phytelephas aequatorialis», «extrait de Noix de Tagua», «sementes de tagua equatoriano», for natural cosmetic formulations and that vegetable grains are biodegradable and sustainable. Natural Exfolianting beads for cosmetics new formulations, softening, Texturing agents, fillers, Exfoliants, bio-organic scrub products.

Tagua Powder, «Natural white exfoliating scrub», is the natural base materials for cosmetics and biodegadable alternative to microplastics because these type are biodegradable beads.

This  product helps keep the skin clean from dead cells, as well as helping the environment through its natural degradation.

Please for more information write us for export@sosa-export.com.