was created in 2014 by a team of brothers, specializing in different professional areas, our experience in the industry, helped us to form new ways of production and experience in the grinding of raw materials exfoliant such as tagua seed powder.

We start in the international market and know the current and comprehensive requirements of different markets and their requirements, for changes of biodegradables beads.

The production of tagua seed exfoliating beads are carried out by Sosa-Export, from South America, Ecuador, where the Tagua natural white exfoliant or called «phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder» originates, currently within the short-term projects we have, the diversification of derived products with more specific uses of the tagua seed.

We carry out this scientific research with a team of highly recognized Chemical Engineers in research in our country. Raw materials are supplied by the tagua sector chain, people who live from tagua collection and processing, the materials are carefully selected, we take care of the environment by helping with the replacement of plastic microbeads, for cosmetic industry , with a focus on sustainable agriculture and high quality.

One of the characteristics of our company is very high micron range accuracy, we can to make tagua powder in preferred grain size (mesh/microns size).

We can to provide you with a sample, we produce all year and export for differents places such us: USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia.

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