We manufacture Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds, for natural cosmetic formulations and that the vegetable grains are biodegradable and sustainable.

Natural exfoliating beads for cosmetics, new formulations, softeners, texturizers, fillers, exfoliants, bioorganic exfoliating products.

Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds is the natural base material for cosmetics and a biodegradable alternative to microplastics. Microplastics are those that are added intentionally; in the case of cosmetics, microplastics are added because of the solid characteristics they present.

The cosmetic industry is constantly innovating natural ingredients for the development of products focused on beauty care and respect for the environment.

Tagua is a noble raw material in the cosmetic industry also known as vegetable ivory, it is an abrasive exfoliant that offers great effectiveness in the formulation of Natural exfoliants.

Origin Ecuador
Made in Ecuador

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