Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder


Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed is a natural vegan exfoliant that helps clean skin pores and remove dead cells. It is ideal for generating stability in any type of cosmetic formulations and complying with the cleaning process. At the same time, replace plastic microbeads that are harmful to the environment. Its abrasiveness can vary depending on [...]

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Seed Powder


INCI: PHYTELEPHAS AEQUATORIALIS TAGUA SEED POWDER sustainable exfoliation to deep clean pores, its is bring in Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds. Natural White Scrub is an eco-responsible natural tree nut alternative with the replacement of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, microspheres. The small plastic balls of TiO2 end their career in nature and even more so in the oceans. [...]

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natural scrub raw material


We offer natural scrub raw material as is Powder Tagua nut that grows  wildly in the Ecuadorian  rainforest. In the cosmetic world the name is INCI: Phytelephas aequatorilis Seed Powder The natural scrub raw material for formulation cosmetics has organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and sustainability, it´s a replacement for plastic microbeads. Our tagua powder product is [...]

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