Currently in the polluted world in which we live, we are helping to change it by using biodefinable natural alternatives,

Tagua Natural White Exfoliant, It´s an alternative that is giving excellent results that is why we offer the base of microbeads in tagua for the use of scrub for new exfoliants.

Why should we stop using microbeads plastics?

The main problem is that they are particles of very different sizes, ranging from 0.05mm to 1mm. On the one hand the smallest particles can not be detected / separated by the purification systems so they end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. On the other hand, those that are larger are separated and end up in the sewage sludge which in turn is used, in part, as a fertilizer for our fields, so the problem does not improve precisely.

The tagua white comes in different types of particles in order to apply it in different uses such as natural exfoliants, besides being totally biodegradable they offer a quality of exfoliation far superior to that of plastic particles.

Tagua powder is characterized by being largely composed of natural cellulose that provides the skin with constituent elements that allow cells to improve their functions.

All together we have to become aware, and see how small changes without effort in our daily routine, can greatly help our environment.
Sosa Export is committed to a healthy and sustainable cosmetics so we believe that each product should contribute to the environment, as is the case of the common use of exfoliating, which should be natural since we can provide alternatives to the cosmetic industry.