This prohibition must be seen by brands as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition, achieving the desired added value of being «eco-friendly». For sure, all the brands of comésticos are already investigating a replacement for this harmful component of their products. Innovation and creativity will prevail in this task of the R & D departments, in which the objective should not only be to obtain results, but to develop products that are useful for people and protect the environment.

The environmental researchers found that the microspheres do not dissolve and remain intact. They are so small that most systems can not filter them. So they travel from your bathroom to the rivers, lakes and oceans. Once there, the fish confuse them with food, and if you eat fish, well, you also eat them.

These pellets are made of high density polyethylene or polyethylene or a combination of both, and these materials are not biodegradable. A single bottle of exfoliant can contain up to 300,000 microspheres. Could it be that you have these microspheres accumulated inside your body?

We have solution tagua microbeads organic