Natural cosmetics have emerged as a new development phenomenon and are identified in practice by eco-responsible production.

Based on these two trends that require environmental care and personal care free of chemicals.

Our company Sosa Export launched tagua nut powder, a natural alternative, to the international market by eco-responsible production.

The organic ingredient dissolves in water without affecting marine life.

Can be used as a replacement for micro beads, polyethylene polypropylene, polyurethane and serves as a texturizer for makeup, sunscreen, scrubs, cosmetics, bath and body care applications.

Cosmetic company specialists in the production of natural products encourage the use of sustainable raw materials. Part of our company’s production processes is to generate specific methodologies that ensure the product is 100% natural.

We do not use water or any chemical ingredients that can alter the product and the granulation of our powder or the sizes are customized for the cosmetological field.