Tagua natural exfoliant raw cosmetic ingredient


The bad thing is that these microplastics are becoming a big problem. Its use and abuse is making these small and almost tiny particles appear anywhere. This is because, being so small, they are not retained by most filters. And when I say they appear anywhere, I mean they have been found in animals and [...]

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alternative with the replacement of polyethylene microbeads.


Plastic microspheres are the tiny plastic particles that some cosmetic products contain, such as toothpastes, shower gels or scrubs, which include them because of their abrasive capacity. Microplastics are a theoretically small part of the problem of contamination by plastics, but their impact is especially serious because they are used in products whose waste goes down [...]

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Biodegradable Beads


Plastic microbeads were banned in shower gels and toothpaste in the United Kingdom last year, but they could still be hidden in your sunscreen or lipstick. Now, the start up Naturbeads, in collaboration with the University of Bath, is working with several companies to replace the microplastics present in these products with biodegradable microbeads of [...]

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The term Microplastic refers to the small fragments of plastic that have become one of the main threats of our day both for the environment and for the life of many living beings: humans, fish, birds, etc ... Millions of tons of plastic are manufactured every year, and only a small percentage is recycled. Much [...]

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