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Ground tagua nut


We are manufacturer of ground tagua nut, INCI name of Phytelephas Aequatorialis seed powder, cosmetic grade This product is 100% natural from wild origin, adjusted to the highest quality standards required by companies that produce with organic formulas and sustainable sources. Deep cleansing of the skin is very important in the health of women and [...]

Ground tagua nut2023-11-24T12:04:28-05:00

Raw Material Ingredient For Scrub


The "Tagua Powder"  is proven as a high-quality exfoliant ingredient for use in natural skincare products, is a biodegradable, non-GMO, and wild-crafted alternative. The scientific name is: INCI Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder, this seed called “Ivory Nut” <strong>“Tagua Exfoliator” <strong>“Tagua Nuts Powder” "Tagua Nuss" “Corozo Powder” "Tagua seed", is wild harvested, dried naturally, often for [...]

Raw Material Ingredient For Scrub2023-11-21T10:28:27-05:00

TAGUA NUSS PULVER Phytelephas Aequatorialis


Wir sind Hersteller von Tagua-Nuss-Pulver für kosmetische Zwecke. Wir kümmern uns um die Details der Qualität, bieten unseren Verbrauchern den Preis, die Qualität und die Präzision der Kosmetikindustrie in jedem Partikel, den wir produzieren, wir exportieren in die USA und wir haben auch Erfahrung mit asiatischen Märkten. Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, unsere Produkte auszuprobieren, [...]

TAGUA NUSS PULVER Phytelephas Aequatorialis2023-11-24T12:35:17-05:00

Tagua nut powder «Sosa-Export&Composition Materials., Co Inc.»


The tagua nut powder is ground by Sosa Export, located in Ecuador, the company has been selling tagua since 2014. Our very high micron range precision, experience and high quality have allowed us to enter very demanding markets such as the United Kingdom. , USA. United States, Australia, France and China ensuring high quality and [...]

Tagua nut powder «Sosa-Export&Composition Materials., Co Inc.»2023-11-23T12:35:03-05:00

Tagua the best environmental alternative to plastic microbeads


The tagua is being the novelty in the substitution of plastic microbeads, these are helping in the replacement of polluting plastic materials Through the natural alternative, the white tagua nut, it is processed without any additives. Which it is a natural component for new cosmetic formulations, which is being made by the cosmetic industry these days. [...]

Tagua the best environmental alternative to plastic microbeads2023-11-27T13:20:20-05:00

Biodegradable beads for cosmetics


  This product is being very popular in new formulations of vegan natural cosmetics, these are extracted from the fruits of phytelephas aequatorialis. The Phytelephas seed, white, hard, heavy, smooth and opaque that acquires shine when polished. odorless, tasteless It grows wild in the forests called taguales on the Ecuadorian coast. Biodegradable beads for cosmetics [...]

Biodegradable beads for cosmetics2023-11-20T16:48:01-05:00

natural scrub raw material


We offer natural scrub raw material as is Powder Tagua nut that grows  wildly in the Ecuadorian  rainforest. In the cosmetic world the name is INCI: Phytelephas aequatorilis Seed Powder The natural scrub raw material for formulation cosmetics has organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and sustainability, it´s a replacement for plastic microbeads. Our tagua powder product is [...]

natural scrub raw material2023-11-30T11:44:50-05:00

Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials


Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials made with Phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder is totally natural acquired from the tagua nut, which is processed through a special granulated grinding. The granules are round, which have been obtained by a special grinding process, which do not scratch, but are mild abrasives for the skin. We are currently selling some [...]

Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials2023-11-30T12:22:30-05:00

Supplier Raw Exfoliant


Natural scrub for the cosmetics industry, The personal care industry has seen a growing trend towards deep cleansing of the skin with biodegradable materials. In this time environmental and health awareness has led to massive changes due to legal restrictions, from some countries to exfoliating pearls made of plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane. Thousands [...]

Supplier Raw Exfoliant2023-11-30T12:28:12-05:00
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