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Bead Different: Natural Alternatives to Microplastics

By | 2019-02-28T16:58:35+00:00 febrero 27th, 2019|Bead Different: Natural Alternatives to Microplastics, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant|

For the elaboration of natural alternatives, a natural nut has been used tagua, besides being biodegradable they are edible. This will avoid the serious impact caused by plastic microspheres on marine life as they are the cause of mutilation, strangulation, malformation and deaths of many marine animals. We hope and are investigating more options to [...]

Microbead ban: Here are some natural alternatives

By | 2019-02-28T16:58:51+00:00 febrero 27th, 2019|Bead Different: Natural Alternatives to Microplastics, Microbead ban: Here are some natural alternatives, Tagua Natural White Exfoliant|

Substituting microplastics for natural ingredients is a growing and imminent trend, so we should look for alternatives that show high stability and give us the same feeling of softness after exfoliation. The use of 100% natural products gives even a greater exfoliating effect, since unlike the microplastics, have a greater texture and are softer with [...]

There’s loads of natural alternatives to microbeads that mean you can save the planet, one scrub at a time.

By | 2019-02-28T16:59:29+00:00 febrero 27th, 2019|Tagua Natural White Exfoliant|

Among them we have tagua natural white exfoliant , coconut powder, seed of passion fruit.

les dangers des microbilles et des alternatives

By | 2019-01-29T23:59:08+00:00 enero 29th, 2019|noix de tagua, phytelephas aequatorialis, poudre tagua, replace the microbeads|

Les microbilles, les particules de plastique qui se trouvent dans le fond du marino et qui sont mélangées. ¿De dónde salen? ¿Cómo llegaron hasta allí Sencillo. Gracias a nosotros et algues de nuestros cosméticos. Si vous préférez que votre composition soit cosmique ou qu’il n’en soit pas un bénéficiaire, vous devez choisir un produit de [...]

By | 2018-10-19T15:41:59+00:00 octubre 19th, 2018|corozo, corozo nut, corozo powder, cosmetic raw ingredients, cosmetic raw materials, microbeads, microbeads tagua, microspheres, phytelephas aequatorialis, scrub natural, scrubs, tagua, tagua microbeads, タグア|

About us. We as a company, we gather a group of people who are in charge of collecting, tagua of different types, indistinctly we have some 30 to 40 families that depend directly on the industry to which we belong. The people who work with us receive a just payment on time, and without setbacks [...]