In Ecuador we have elaborated the replacement of microbeads, elaborating a biodegradable natural alternative for cosmetic use, which work much better than plastic pearls, for formulations in skin and body care products.

The natural Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder is also used for Shampoo, Creams, Soaps, Butters and all kinds of exfoliating cosmetic products to remove dirt from dead skin from the body, face and capillary epidermis.

Due to its abrasive characteristics, this product is being very popular in new vegan natural cosmetic formulations, which are from a biodegradable and sustainable natural source, these are extracted from the fruits of the phytelephas aequatorialis or ivory palm tree, family Arecaceae.

It grows wild in forests called taguals on the Ecuadorian Coast.

The Tagua, Corozo or Vegetal Ivory, is the complex cellulosic almond of the Phytelephas seed of white, eburoy, hard, heavy, smooth and opaque color that acquires shine with the polish, odorless, insipid; but it is neither elastic nor incorruptible like real ivory.

Sosa Export offers a range of different grain sizes, and we can adapt the size and need of your product according to your requirement.

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