The tagua nut powder is grind by Sosa Export, Located in Ecuador, the company has been selling tagua since 2014.

Our precision very high micron range accuracy, experience and high quality have allowed us to enter very demanding markets such as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, France, and China.

This was developed, discovered and analyzed by Composition Materials Co., Inc. This was the pioneer company in the development of tagua nut powderPhytelephas Aequatorialis”

It is the vision of Composition Materials Co., Inc.  which made us work together for some years in the international market,  The tagua nut  powder has been used for 8 years in the cosmetic industry.

The experience is not improvised; it is the result of joint work and much effort and cooperation.

We are currently developing, with our Research, Innovation and Development team, high value-added by-products tagua nut, that we will soon make known to all our customers.