Exfoliating Particles from Tagua Palm


Tagua palm scrub particles are biodegradable and break down easily in the environment making them a sustainable alternative to synthetic scrubs and are obtained from the seed of the Phytelephas aequatorialis palm, which is native to Ecuador. These particles are smooth and gentle on the skin, making them ideal for use in cosmetic products such [...]

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INCI Phytelephas Aequatorialis


Phytelephas aequatorialis is a palm from the Arecaceae family, native to Ecuador. It is Ecuador's main source of vegetable ivory or tagua, a botanical alternative to ivory. Phytelephas aequatorialis seed meal is used in the cosmetics industry as an exfoliating agent and mild cleanser. The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a nomenclature system [...]

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Exfoliant Raw Material Ingredient


The "Tagua Powder"  is proven as a high-quality exfoliant ingredient for use in natural skincare products, is a biodegradable, non-GMO, and wild-crafted alternative. The scientific name is: INCI Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder, this seed called “Ivory Nut” “Tagua Exfoliator” “Tagua Nuts Powder” "Tagua Nuss" “Corozo Powder” "Tagua seed", is wild harvested, dried naturally, often for [...]

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Tagua nut powder «Sosa-Export&Composition Materials., Co Inc.»


The tagua nut powder is grind by Sosa Export, Located in Ecuador, the company has been selling tagua since 2014. Our precision very high micron range accuracy, experience and high quality have allowed us to enter very demanding markets such as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, France, and China. This was developed, discovered and [...]

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Biodegradable beads for cosmetics


In Ecuador we have elaborated the replacement of microbeads, elaborating a biodegradable natural alternative for cosmetic use, which work much better than plastic pearls, for formulations in skin and body care products. The natural Phytelephas Aequatorialis Seed Powder is also used for Shampoo, Creams, Soaps, Butters and all kinds of exfoliating cosmetic products to remove [...]

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