Tagua Nut as a natural sustainable exfoliation ingredient to replace plastic microbeads.

The global market for organic products is growing, an increase of 10 percent is expected by 2021. The care of the skin and the hair are the lines with greater potential. The changing lifestyle of consumers and the benefits of natural cosmetics are booming the use of these products; now more people are preferring compositions free of chemicals, parabens, aluminum salts or petroleum derivatives and microplastics.

Do not know what the microspheres are? They are very small plastic pellets that measure less than five millimeters in size and are used in personal care products such as exfoliators – for the face, body and teeth. Why was it important to ban them?

Environmental researchers found that the microspheres do not dissolve and remain intact. They are so small that most systems can not filter them. So they travel from your bathroom to the rivers, lakes and oceans. Once there, the fish confuse them with food, and if you eat fish, well, you also eat them.

These pellets are made of polyethylene or high density polyethylene or a combination of both, and how these materials are not biodegradable. A single bottle of exfoliating can contain up to 300,000 microspheres.

Do you have these microspheres accumulated inside your body? According to the legislation, companies must stop producing these products by mid 2017 and stop selling them in 2018.

I am of the idea to stop buying these toxic products today, so companies will be forced to not to produce them anymore. Why wait? .