Sosa Export through its innovatagua is exporting some countries of the world tagua natural white exfoliant, due to the need to replace the plastic accounts, we are currently in a process of improvement of measures and quality which has allowed us to enter with the particle size Perfect to USA and Europe.

We have five years of experience in tagua production processes, so in this time we have learned that it is not easy to comply with international quality standards, Asia has also been within our challenges.

We hope this year to meet the expectations of our customers, we are obtaining studies and research that we will launch this new year.

in the social sense we give work to many families that depend on this tagua collection that benefits from the collection and care of the tagua.

In fact we have machinery that performs a natural process without the use of chemicals to obtain an absolutely round high quality grain,

As you can see in the picture our grains are absolutely round, we try that our powder does not have brown bark and is in certain perfect particle sizes.

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