Natural vegetable pearls Conventional scrubs with mechanical abrasive bodies often contain plastic particles, salt crystals or plastic particles that can damage the epidermis and thus destroy the skin’s protective barrier. The consequence is that the skin responds with a stronger cornification, which is just the opposite of the desired effect. Tagua pearls have a rolling action that stimulates circulation and releases the skin of dead cells without damaging it.

The demanding consumers of this time are looking for viable cosmetic alternatives. Tagua nut powder is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable, raw material now is used as an ingredient for body care and cosmetic.

EFFECTS OF THE MICROPLASTIC On the effects that the presence of these materials can have on people’s bodies, Schwabl explained that «the smallest microplastic particles are able to enter the bloodstream, the lymphatic system and can even reach the liver.» «Now that we have the first evidence of microplastics within humans, we need more research to understand what this means for human health,» said the researcher. The use of plastic is so widespread in modern life that eliminating it completely from the food chain would be extremely difficult. One million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide every minute and the number is expected to increase another 20% by 2021

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