keeping the skin looking very healthy is very important to follow a regular beauty routine.
Although the practice of good habits also has a lot to do, the use of external treatments is 
its best complement.

Do you want to know the best natural scrub for your skin?

Products with exfoliating properties are those that release dead cells and impurities 
that are retained on the skin's surface.

Thanks to their excellent quality control the granulated texture, they act deeply on the pores,
 leaving the dermis completely clean.

Although they can be purchased in commercial presentations, we offer the best natural 
exfoliant alternative such as the Tagua Natural White Exfoliant.

Why is it important to use skin scrubs?

Exposure to toxins, the use of industrial cosmetics and bad eating habits are deteriorating 
the health of the skin.

As a result of this, a series of imperfections appear that can be badly seen at the aesthetic 
spots, acne, scabs, etc.

The epidermis, that is, the most superficial part of the skin, is made up of millions of cell

Some new ones are born and others older, dying. Thus, the exfoliation serves to remove dead 
cells, which while they are a protective barrier, also prevent regeneration in the lower 

By exfoliating the skin and removing impurities, it looks much prettier, brighter and younger.
In addition, it is less susceptible to acne, excess fat production and other common 
disorders that affect its appearance.
We present one of the best natural skin scrubs

We share a natural scrub obtained from a tagua nut called Phytelephas Aequatorilis, the same 
one that grows in Ecuador, where we offer the world the best natural alternative, if you need
 a sample, request it through our website with the The best options of 
natural origin. Don't stop wondering!