The Tagua is the raw material used to make handicrafts from the fruit of tagua palm (Phitelephas aequatorialis), which occurs naturally in humid forests of the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas.

This fruit is processed in the city of Manta (tagua ready to work). After the tagua has gone through various routine processes, such as sanitation, drying, swapping and polishing, it is possible to obtain ivory, which, is of white bone color.


Usually it is used in crafts besides the manufacture of buttons that is its main activity. The tagua is also known scientifically as phitelephas macrocarpa species, the tree is wild, there is the possibility of having organized crops and we think this is possible and we will work to conserve the tree, however the growth time is 15 years.

It is the obligation of preservation, conservation and aid with social responsibility that is where we work to maintain the tagua. A unique product in the world with invaluable features is important to preserve and care for …