The nut of Tagua is a nut of the Ecuadorian mountain range known as vegetable ivory, because of its resemblance to animal ivory. These are seeds that grow in mocochas called heads, of the tagua palm.

Sosa Export is a company that works with people of low resources who are dedicated to the collection of fruits, helping people who depend on the company, currently about 50 families depend directly on the tagua business and benefit directly from working in this company. the idea is to counteract poverty and deforestation by creating new products based on tagua for the generation of value added, jobs that depend on conservation and responsible forest management.

These nuts grow throughout the year in Ecuador at a privileged height and can be harvested without causing damage to the forest, also is very friendly with plants that grow around such as: bananas, cassava, orange etc

The small nuts are less than 35mm long
The medium nuts measure 35 mm – 45 mm long
The large nuts measure 45 mm – 57 mm long
The extra-large nuts are more than 57 mm long

1 kilogram of dried medium-sized walnuts Tagua has approximately 26 – 30 walnuts
1 kilogram of large tagua nuts is approximately 20 to 24 nuts
1 kilogram of extra large tagua nuts is approximately 12 to 16 nuts