When it comes to exfoliation products, we can have different options.

Among the biodegradable natural options of natural scrub we have tagua scrub, really the consistency of it, it has natural ingredients to keep the skin clean, with natural, organic ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, if the natural tagua scrub is gently abrasive and soothing, in addition to containing mannan, according to the measure you need, this is an excellent new natural scrub option for altenative of microbeads.

The process of replacing irritating and environmentally damaging plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances, strong abrasives and exfoliants, concentrated synthetic acids and alcohol is currently being followed.

One of the best options for scrub is to exfoliant so that you can choose a round soft grain, according to the application, if this is facial it should be a soft and natural grain, if it is for feet you should choose a more abrasive grain Thick, Natural peels use acids to exfoliant the skin by breaking down dead skin on the surface.

Common plant-based ingredients such as what is known in the cosmetics of phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder, provide this type of mild natural facial scrubs, this helps to remove dead cells manually.

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