Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials made with Phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder is totally natural acquired from the tagua nut, which is processed through a special granulated grinding.

The granules are round, which have been obtained by a special grinding process, which do not scratch, but are mild abrasives for the skin.

We are currently selling some markets in countries that decided to remplace plastic microbeads for «Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials»

We can offer different ranges of granulometry

You are free to contact us, and be able to consult about the measure and accuracy warranted, that you require.

Our ranges go approximately from 74 µm to 841 µm in diameter.

The pearls are white, it is a natural ivory color, which is spectacular for cosmetics, the same that is used by several countries such as: USA, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Indonesia- We are at your service if you need, you can contact us for more information