With the reformulation of the use of plastic microbeads, we are recognized in the exfoliation of alternatives to replace polyethylene.

The concern of European and American countries, due to the negative impact caused by the use of plastics, in the seas and rivers have global attention. As manufacturers we have alternatives to offer the world, biodegradable natural alternatives.

Microbeads less than 5mm are a serious problem for the ecosystem, since the synthetic materials with which they are composed do not decompose easily.

The tagua natural white exfoliant is an excellent detoxifying option, since it extracts impurities from the skin and at the same time contains a variety of natural nutrients for the skin.

Eco friendly
Alternative to plastic microbeads

Particle size:

841 – 400 μm (20-40 mesh)

400 – 250 μm (40-60 mesh)

250 – 149 μm (60-100 mesh)

149 – 74 μm (100 – 200 mesh) depend requeriment.

INCI Name: Phyetelphas Aequatorialis Seed Powder

Common Names: Tagua Vegetable Ivory

Colour: Ivory White

Aplication and Uses:

Cosmetics, Scrub, Soap, Microbead remplacement, Body Bath

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