United Kingdom will ban the use of microplastics in cosmetics from 2017 as they are polluting oceans and entering the food chain

The United States opened the ban in January and now the British government joins the ban on the use of microplastics in cosmetics after fulfilling the request of more than 350,000 citizens who have mobilized in this regard.

These small particles of less than 5 millimeters that are found in scrubs, detergents, creams or also in dentifrices, are a serious threat to the oceans. In fact, a 150ml scrub container can contain between 130,000 and 2.8 million plastic microspheres. This means that once we have cleaned our face, or brushed our teeth, we have involuntarily released thousands of plastic pieces into the environme According to Greenpeace, in Europe alone it is estimated that each year we pour more than 8,000 tons of these tiny plastics into the oceans, the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

«The damages of microplastics, unlike the larger ones, are potentially greater because they are more accessible to more species, even for phytoplankton,» said Greenpeace’s oceans manager, Elvira Jiménez. In this way, he explained, that smaller fish confuse these materials with roe and ingest them.

Afterwards, the microplastics are not ejected, but remain inside the fish. Finally, they end up returning to our homes in the form of food inside the fish. Regarding the impact on human health, Jiménez asks to be investigated because they are carriers of toxins.Although the ban in the United Kingdom will not be effective until next year, some supermarket chains have already stopped selling products with microplastics. In addition, consumer associations ask Britons to look carefully at the components of their personal care and cleaning products.

The Scrub-tagua component combines an eco-responsible natural alternative with the replacement of polyethylene microbeads. The small plastic beads end their career in nature and more in the oceans.

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