The tagua bio exfoliant is a rich in mannan gently exfoliates, removes dead skin and brightens your complexion,

The Tagua is a Natural Exfoliating Beads for the Cosmetic Industry, the personal care industry has changed for use of products naturals bio exfoliants, we have a alternatives for use of products such as exfoliators and scrubs for the manufacturers, who bet on natural changes.

Beads small, lightly abrasive particles are contained in many  cosmetics such as: shower gels, hand cleaners, foot scrubs and soaps, for these change for a natural ingredient we offer and manufacture beads small of tagua.

The tagua microbeads have a effect and simulate blood circulation through soft pressure.

Sosa-Export expertise in manufacturer our granules and powders of tagua and coffee absolutly pure, natural witouth additivesa team specialist knowledge and experience ensure reliable and continuous quality.

We offer a wide range of grain sizes, (micron-ranges-mesh) and tailor the size and texture of our biodegradable microbeads of tagua to your demand.

We have costumers around the world and offer our products for manufacturers of personal care products, brand owners, laboratories and distributors.