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When we say we can replace the microbeads … We can do it …

  Sosa-Export Offers an ecological cosmetic raw ingredient, widely used in exfoliation formulations, soaps and exfoliants. These natural ingredients are obtained in a sustainable way and are excellent alternatives to plastic microbeads. Phytelephas aequatorialis or [...]

Alternatives to Plastic Microbeads

The decision of European governments to ban the use of microbeads, in the manufacturing processes, of the cosmetic industries, was expected after last year's promise to take measures and a new ban on the sale [...]

Microplastics a problem that should worry us all…

The plastic microspheres, are very small and are a problem that reaches a colossal proportions globally. The microplastics are a real source of pollution on the ocean, which mainly pollutes the seas. A silent threat [...]