Manufacture tagua beads for cosmetics

2020-05-18T23:25:00+00:00 was created in 2014 by a team of brothers, specializing in different professional areas, our experience in the industry, helped us to form new ways of production and experience in the grinding of raw materials such as tagua nut powder. We start in the international market and know the current and comprehensive requirements of [...]

Manufacture tagua beads for cosmetics2020-05-18T23:25:00+00:00

Noix de Tagua


Notre noix de Tagua en poudre qui pousse de manière sauvage dans la forêt tropicale équatorienne, dans le monde cosmétique le nom est INCI: Phytelephas aequatorilis Seed Powder, cet ingrédient pour la formulation de cosmétiques contient des ingrédients biologiques, non testés sur les animaux, végétaliens et durables, c'est un remplacement pour le plastique microbilles. Notre [...]

Noix de Tagua2020-05-12T19:11:04+00:00

natural white exfoliating scrub


Our Tagua nut Powder Seed Exfoliant, is a seed  that grows  wildly in the Ecuadorian  rainforest, in the cosmetic world the name is INCI: Phytelephas aequatorilis Seed Powder, this ingredient for formulation cosmetics has organic ingredients, not tested on animals, vegan and sustainability, it´s a replacement for plastic microbeads. Our tagua powder product is absolutely [...]

natural white exfoliating scrub2020-05-09T19:07:03+00:00

Natural Microbeads Alternatives


With the reformulation of the use of plastic microbeads, we are recognized in the exfoliation of alternatives to replace polyethylene. The concern of European and American countries, due to the negative impact caused by the use of plastics, in the seas and rivers have global attention. As manufacturers we have alternatives to offer the world, [...]

Natural Microbeads Alternatives2020-04-06T18:40:13+00:00

phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder


Phytelephas aequatorilis powder is a perfect product that grow day a day  for global consume, its a exclusive eco-friendly raw material, if the world stop the use of microbeads plastics, in all the personal care products, we help us and care the ocean and marine life. Under a process natural, we get the more particles [...]

phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder2020-04-27T01:38:16+00:00

플라스틱 마이크로 비드는 바다 물고기에서 발견됩니다


일본 연구자들의 연구에 따르면 얼굴 세정제에서 발견되는 것과 유사한 플라스틱 마이크로 비드가 사람이 소비하는 물고기에서 발견되었으며 미크론의 크기는 100 메쉬에서 800 메쉬입니다. 과학자들은 마이크로 비드가 해양 시스템 전체에 있음을 확인하며, 이는 또한 인간을 매우 위험한 방식으로 노출시킵니다. 미세 플라스틱은 매우 위험한 화학 물질을 사용하여 얻어지며 물고기에 대한 화학 물질 노출은 매우 걱정되며 연구 해야하는 것과 [...]

플라스틱 마이크로 비드는 바다 물고기에서 발견됩니다2020-03-16T22:12:29+00:00

Personal care microbeads of plastics are found in sea fish


In a study by Japanese researchers, plastic microbeads similar to those found in facial cleansers were found in fish for human consumption, the sizes in microns were from 100 mesh to 800 mesh. Scientists confirm that microbeads are throughout the marine system, this also exposes humans in a very dangerous way. Microplastics are obtained using [...]

Personal care microbeads of plastics are found in sea fish2020-03-16T19:39:46+00:00

Phytelephas Aequatorialis Powder Manufacturer


Sosa Export is the manufacturer of tagua powder, which has been working since 2014. In this year, thanks to our strategic partner in the US, we have been developing the tagua market, in the cosmetics industry we are still working to improve the fineness of our product, in which procedures outside chemicals are used to [...]

Phytelephas Aequatorialis Powder Manufacturer2020-04-27T01:46:51+00:00

Une alternative différente pour les microbilles en plastique à usage cosmétique


À cette époque, après l'interdiction des États-Unis et de l'Europe pour l'utilisation des plastiques, l'industrie Sosa a proposé l'utilisation d'une alternative différente avec l'utilisation de la matière première naturelle d'un légume appelé tagua qui est abrasif et est actuellement très utilisé commune dans certaines industries cosmétiques aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni et en Asie. En tant [...]

Une alternative différente pour les microbilles en plastique à usage cosmétique2020-02-11T23:43:00+00:00

What alternative to microparticles exist?


Natural vegetable pearls Conventional scrubs with mechanical abrasive bodies often contain plastic particles, salt crystals or plastic particles that can damage the epidermis and thus destroy the skin's protective barrier. The consequence is that the skin responds with a stronger cornification, which is just the opposite of the desired effect. Tagua pearls have a rolling [...]

What alternative to microparticles exist?2020-01-23T23:20:17+00:00
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