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Microplastics a problem that should worry us all…

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The plastic microspheres, are very small and are a problem that reaches a colossal proportions globally. The microplastics are a real source of pollution on the ocean, which mainly pollutes the seas. A silent threat that represents a serious problem for marine life, in addition to "plasticizing" our food and constitute one of the great [...]

Finding Alternatives to Synthetic Exfoliating Beads

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They are small, colorful and harmless in appearance, but these little pearls have been blamed for causing great problems in the oceans and seas of the world. The objects in question are microbeads or plastic microspheres and the United Kingdom has just banned the manufacture of personal care products that contain them. What are these [...]

Tagua White Scrube

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The Tagua Nut, is a sustainable and ecological natural ingredient since it grows in a natural and wild way. Chemicals or pesticides have never been used in its conservation. The use of Phytelephas Aequatorialis is a perfect example of sustainability. Its cultivation helps to protect forest lands in danger of extinction and supports the local [...]