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About us. We as a company, we gather a group of people who are in charge of collecting, tagua of different types, indistinctly we have some 30 to 40 families that depend directly on the industry to which we belong. The people who work with us receive a just payment on time, and without setbacks [...]

Microplastic in tap water from around the world…

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A recent investigation has proven that up to 83% of the samples recognized worldwide are contaminated with plastic fibers. United States in the lead The study has been carried out by employees of the School of Public Health of the University of Minnesota (United States) along with the Orb Media organization in more than a [...]

some countries prohibit microplastics…

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In recent months there has been much talk about the pollution of plastic in seas and oceans. However, microplastics, small microscopic fragments of plastics that are difficult to biodegrade, are becoming more news stories that affect not only the fauna and flora of marine environments, but can also be found in the trophic chain of [...]

scrubs replace plastic microbeads

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The microspheres in beauty products may seem like a dream come true for your skin, since these small, smooth pearls (found in bath gels, toothpastes, facial washes and body scrubs) seem to offer a level of exfoliation that only a dermatologist can. But this has a great impact on the environment plastic microbeads, can be [...]