replace the microbeads

Alternatives to Plastic Microbeads

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The decision of European governments to ban the use of microbeads, in the manufacturing processes, of the cosmetic industries, was expected after last year's promise to take measures and a new ban on the sale of products containing microbeads. The ban will take effect in July of this year. In the search for alternatives, as [...]

Environmentally friendly alternatives to cosmetic microplastics

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The particularity of the microplastics is that they do not look or at least, we do not repair them. Both because of their size and their origin, they are difficult to avoid. Unless we give up using products that contain them, especially cosmetics, its mere use involves polluting. The same toothpaste or an exfoliating cream [...]

interdiction des microsphères en plastique … Il y a une alternative naturelle …

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Ce qui est déjà devenu d'origine microplastique pour créer certains produits tels que les cosmétiques, les dentifrices ou les produits de soins personnels. Après avoir lavé votre visage ou brossé vos dents, les petites microsphères en plastique sont jetées dans les égouts. Et ces microsphères ne peuvent pas être retenues par les systèmes de filtration [...]

les dangers des microbilles et des alternatives

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Les microbilles, les particules de plastique qui se trouvent dans le fond du marino et qui sont mélangées. ¿De dónde salen? ¿Cómo llegaron hasta allí Sencillo. Gracias a nosotros et algues de nuestros cosméticos. Si vous préférez que votre composition soit cosmique ou qu’il n’en soit pas un bénéficiaire, vous devez choisir un produit de [...]

These all-natural microbeads could replace your plastic facial scrubs

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When you wash your face or body think about the pollution that is causing in the world especially the rivers and oceans. Currently the gels exfoliating face and body, use plastic microbeads, this is causing serious damage to the ecosystem … Since they can cause serious damage to marine life they can cause the death [...]

When we say we can replace the microbeads … We can do it …

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  Sosa-Export Offers an ecological cosmetic raw ingredient, widely used in exfoliation formulations, soaps and exfoliants. These natural ingredients are obtained in a sustainable way and are excellent alternatives to plastic microbeads. Phytelephas aequatorialis or Tagua is a completely white exfoliant, used for cosmetic and exfoliating formulations. Tagua granules are an excellent replacement for microbeads. [...]