The bad thing is that these microplastics are becoming a big problem. Its use and abuse is making these small and almost tiny particles appear anywhere. This is because, being so small, they are not retained by most filters.And when I say they appear anywhere, I mean they have been found in animals and also in tap water. Yes, start looking differently at those creams that leave your skin so perfect because it may be coming to you in an unwanted way.But this blog is about finding solutions. And they are simple solutions. So here are a few proposals that I hope you like.Body scrubs What I use for years are two options.

The horsehair glove, which I have now replaced with a sponge of olive bones, and coffee grounds Tagua . Either option is very simple and economical. In the case of coffee grounds, it was said that they also served to fight cellulite, but it is not true. What is certain is that it leaves the skin super soft and with a very good smell. I use it in the shower, with wet skin. They rub against the body for a few minutes and voila. In the case of coffee grounds or horsehair gloves, the use can be weekly or every 15 days. But in the case of the olive bone sponge, being softer, it can be used daily. Lip scrub On this occasion I leave you a recipe. It consists of mixing only three ingredients: tagua microbeads , oil and honey in a small jar. Besides being very simple, it is easy to keep, so you don’t have to make the mixture every time you use it. In this case it is also advisable to use it every 15 days, the skin of the lips is very thin and a higher frequency could be harmful. Facial scrub Once again you can turn to coffee grounds or sugar. In the case of the face it is better to mix it so that it does not hurt. It can be mixed with the moisturizer you normally use, but there are a lot of recipes on the internet. If you have a very good recipe, you know, share so that we all find out. Foot scrubThe best for the feet is the beach sand. As I am from the interior, one of the things I like most on vacation is walking along the shore. At the end of the day I have much better feet. You can get a sandbar and use it at home if you don’t have a beach either. The truth is that I usually resort to the pumice stone of my whole life, which is also going very well.