natural replacement for microbeads

The search for alternatives to plastic is incessant and as such is a responsibility of all people who believe that it is possible to help pollute the ocean less, in a report disseminated by UN Environment, a good part of the innovation is focusing on the renewable plant raw materials such as agricultural waste, vegetable fats and oils, starch and other ingredients. Everything points to the fact that the market of bioplastics worldwide continues in an ascending line and, according to a recent report, could reach 35.5 million dollars by 2022.

Currently there is not enough scientific evidence to worry about the toxicological effects of these plastics, and that is why its use is allowed in cosmetics, because they do not carry any risk to health. The problem is not health, but environmental.

The laboratories with the greatest impact in the cosmetic market and consumer trends have already changed their products. We are offering new alternatives, natural as Tagua Natural White Exfoliant in this way we are contributing to the environment, it is a matter of time, that all brands of cosmetics, continue to develop their products based on natural alternatives, we add positively to this change.