There’s loads of natural alternatives to microbeads that mean you can save the planet, one scrub at a time.

Microbeads, microparticles or microbeads are a type of microplastics that are used as ingredients mainly in cosmetics and personal care products. They are plastics of a very small size, usually between 0.004 mm and 1.24 mm, which you can find in a multitude of gels, creams, facial cleansers, shaving foams, sunscreens or toothpaste that are currently on the market. Yes, you read correctly, not only the packaging of our cosmetics are made of plastic, but also the product itself can contain plastic in its composition.

And if you have not been asked by anyone if it can seem a disgusting thing to put plastic in your mouth to brush your teeth, they have not asked the environment either. And, as almost always, he is taking the worst part.

Most of these products are designed for use in the bathroom or in the shower, so that after use they go directly down the drain and from there they go to the sewer system. The main problem is that these particles are so small that they escape from the filtration systems of the wastewater, so they end up freely reaching the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

So, the cosmetic industry intentionally uses plastics knowing that they will be discarded by the sink, that they will escape from the filtration systems and that they will end up in the environment, without the remotest possibility of recovering or recycle these plastics? You are right. It is not that there is a deficiency in the waste collection system, or in the filtration system and they end up in the environment by mistake. No, in this case when the product is formulated, we already know for sure what will happen.

Well, but … are they essential ingredients? No, most can easily be replaced by natural alternatives, such as minerals, salts or seeds.

Why are they used then? For being the cheapest alternative, simply for that. We are in the era of plastic and an economic system whose priority is to obtain the maximum benefits. There is nothing more to reason.

Substituting microplastics for natural ingredients is a growing and imminent trend, which is why we must look for alternatives that show high stability and give us the same sensation of softness after exfoliation.
The use of 100% natural products even gives a greater exfoliating effect, since unlike the microplastics, they present a greater texture and are gentler with our skin.
Innovatagua is a line of natural exfoliants created as an alternative to microplastics, offering a wide range of more than 4 products of plant origin.

Among them we have tagua natural white exfoliant , coconut powder, seed of passion fruit.
 With these products, you have the opportunity to customize the exfoliant of your interest, choosing the particle size for different types of exfoliation of your requirement.

Whether for facial or body products, 100% natural exfoliants will exceed your expectations while remaining friendly to the environment.
If you want to know more information about the different natural alternatives that we have for your exfoliants, do not hesitate to contact us.
Follow the green trends, the Microbead that has attracted the attention of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry!

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