Microbead ban: Here are some natural alternatives

Substituting microplastics for natural ingredients is a growing and imminent trend, so we should look for alternatives that show high stability and give us the same feeling of softness after exfoliation.

The use of 100% natural products gives even a greater exfoliating effect, since unlike the microplastics, have a greater texture and are softer with our skin.

Innovatagua is a line of natural exfoliants created as an alternative to microplastics, which offers a wide range of more than 4 products of plant origin.

Among them we have the natural white exfoliating tagua, the coconut powder, passion fruit seed.

With these products, you have the opportunity to customize the scrub of your interest, choosing the particle size for different types of exfoliation of your requirement.

Whether for facial or body products, 100% natural exfoliants will exceed your expectations while remaining friendly to the environment.

If you want more information about the different natural alternatives we have for your exfoliants, do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow the green trends, the Microbead that has attracted the attention of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry!