These all-natural microbeads could replace your plastic facial scrubs

When you wash your face or body think about the pollution that is causing in the world especially the rivers and oceans.

Currently the gels exfoliating face and body, use plastic microbeads, this is causing serious damage to the ecosystem …

Since they can cause serious damage to marine life they can cause the death of fish, causing great damage to the food chain.

Since the year 2012, researchers have analyzed the lakes finding large concentrations of plastics, which are not perceptible to the human eye.
In fact there are studies at the level of South America that contaminated waters exist even for human consumption.

There are countries where plastic pearls are currently prohibited.
The micro plastic beads are of round shape that vary the dimension according to the use, wntre a millimeter and less, they are usually in the exfoliating soaps, they are used to eliminate the dead skin cells.

The low cost of plastic micro-particles has generated the use of it since the 1990s, its use is widespread and can even be used in toothpastes.
The microbeads will finally end up in the agas treatment centers and can not be separated from the residual sludge, the same ones that are later used as fertilizers, this makes it leak into the water supplies, this is one of the main reasons of having high concentrations of microbeads in Lagos and the Oceano.

In addition these tiny plastics, easily absorb contaminants, which are so easily ingested in fish and marine species, Some fish survive and can easily reach the table of shellfish consumers.

It is important to be aware of this problem and to solve it, by analyzing the information on the ingredients label of your favorite exfoliant, if it includes polyethylene or polypropylene, you may not need to consume it …

Among the alternatives offered by are natural abrasive materials of excellent quality, using the seed phytelephas aequatorialis, in order to help conserve and maintain the ecosystem through natural microbeads.

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