Microplastic in tap water from around the world…

A recent investigation has proven that up to 83% of the samples recognized worldwide are contaminated with plastic fibers.

United States in the lead
The study has been carried out by employees of the School of Public Health of the University of Minnesota (United States) along with the Orb Media organization in more than a dozen countries. They have managed to collect 150 water samples from different cities and have found that, on average, a 500 ml jug of tap water contains four small plastic fibers.

The country with the largest number of contaminated samples is the United States. Microplastics have been found there in 94% of the analyzes. The water is recognized in such emblematic places as the buildings of the Congress, the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Trump Tower in New York.

Other countries with a high percentage have been Lebanon (94%), India (82%), Uganda (81), Indonesia (76%) and Ecuador (75%).

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